Why Choose Pristine?

The enormous range and varied value of vehicles that we refurbish wheels for, requires a series of highly specialised tools, engineering skill and experience. There are many different treatments, remanufacturing and engineering processes that are applied at our facility in order to deliver the optimum results.

Complete Wheel Refurbishment When it comes to refurbishing a wheel, the approach at Pristine is to get the wheel to the stage where it can be rebuilt to exacting standards and professionally finished. The detailed processes we go through result in a wheel that could have come directly from the factory and it retains total integrity in terms of durability and reliability.

There is a risk with the simple method of grinding down and then polishing wheels of a reduction in material and changes to the shape, weakening and unbalancing them which consequently can cause a safety issue. It’s a risk you won’t be taking when you bring your wheels to Pristine.

The Facility

Pristine’s refurbishment facility is one of the best in the country, using the latest environmentally friendly chemical stripping process, machining workshops for a gleaming finish, state of the art painting facilities for both wet and powder coating, chemical pre-treating and purpose built ovens.

Covering several buildings over 2 acre site, equipment is regularly updated and supporting systems such as programmed wheel models which are used in high precision diamond cutting are always being invested in and kept up to date.

The Pristine Process:

Wheels are individually inspected by hand on arrival and are coded for complete traceability. Wheels undergo a special non-corrosive chemical stripping process which removes all old paint and dirt. Wheels are blasted to remove final layers of corrosion creating a finish ready for coating.

 Wheels are welded and repaired where necessary.

Wheels are computer lathe turned, taking the material to original manufacturers specification.

Wheels go through further treatment and preparation for turning by hand.

Wheels receive a “de-gassing” which expels moisture, protecting the wheel. The entire wheel is coated with a powder paint and is oven baked. The wheel is put into the wet paint shop for colour finishing.
Where a precise and diamond cut finish is required they are machined on a computer lathe. Once diamond turned they are chemically pre-treated and de-gassed once more. Powder or wet lacquer is added to the whole wheel and it is oven baked once again.

Final quality control and inspection. Once approved wheels are protectively packaged.  

What’s the difference between Pristine Complete Wheel Refurbishment and others?

The service offered by Pristine is technically:‘re-manufacturing’.

This means that our repair does far more than just concealing cosmetic damage. The only way to get factory standard quality at a lower price than the manufacturer, is to come to Pristine.

You can see what happens during a refurbishment or compare Pristine to the alternatives:

Mobile RefurbishmentStripper, Blaster and PainterPristine
Wheel flattening/grinding to remove damaged sections. Chemical stripping Wheels hand checked and coded
Filing/sanding Blasting Environmentally friendly chemical stripping
Surface painting/coating Wheel flattening/grinding to remove damaged sections Blasting
  Filing and sanding Damaged areas welded and built up rather than ground down.
  Powder coating Computer lathe turning
  Painting Wheels cleaned down
    Moisture repelling seal (‘de-gassing’)
    Wheels powder encased and oven baked
    Final hand preparation before painting
    Computer diamond cutting where polished
    Powder lacquer finished applied and oven baked
    Specialist colour matching available in wet paint shop
    Formal inspection at every stage
    Final quality control inspection

We put an enormous amount of work and attention into the job to ensure longevity, safety and truly superb results. Our people are skilled and our facilities are comprehensive.