Wheel Exchange Programme

The amount of equipment we use to refurbish a set of wheels would never fit in a van and it takes a few days on site to do the job as we believe it should be done, so we do not offer a mobile service. Instead we have a nationwide wheel exchange programme to take away the inconvenience of being without a vehicle. The Wheel Exchange Programme is our way of keeping you mobile whilst a set of wheels are refurbished and sent out to you.

Wheel Exchange ProgrammeSpeak to one of our agents and review the comprehensive list of wheels that we have available for exchange. You’ll remain on the road, meanwhile a set of like for like replacement wheels will be going through the most rigorous and comprehensive refurbishment process in the UK.

A few days later, the replacement wheels are sent to the agent. The agent will call you, then you simply return and have the wheels fitted and balanced there and then at your convenenience. We receive your old wheels where they are inspected ready for the next customer.

To locate your nearest agent, contact us.

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